The Sierra Madre Casino Paranormal Investigation

By 29 October 2020

sierra madre at night

Paranormal and spooky incidents have been recorded in several locations around the world. Most people usually think that sightings of the extraordinary are a farce and cannot be proved. However, others are adamant that there is more to life than the physical. Today, our discussion will be on paranormal activities in Sierra Madre especially in the casino.

Paranormal Activities in Sierra Madre

paranormal activities in the sierra madre

In recent times, several spooky incidents have been reported in Sierra Madre the mansion near grand crayon. From strange footprints to unusual screams in the rooms, paranormal investigators in Colorado have detailed a plethora of weird happenings around this location.

It was widely reported that there are some ghost sightings noticed coming from the mansion. A legend says that wealthy man Fredrick Sinclair, kept his wealth in a vault located inside the mansion. In this vault lies jewelry, cash, and food supplies that could last a long time. He did this to avoid the great war that fell across Europe.

We are also made to know that people who tried to gain access to the vault were killed by evil holograms and flying bats. The easiest way to get to the vault is through the basement. However, even the basement is laden with booby traps and poisonous gases. Furthermore, all forms of communication are said to be cut off once you enter the villa, due to some bizarre radio interference. Your best bet is to go in groups or use analog means of communication.

At night, neighbours tell the story of how they hear the cries of women from the basement. It is rumorued to be the voice of his dead lover Vera Keyes who betrayed him. If you are brave and not easily spooked, you could book a tour around the mansion, who knows, you may find get the treasure in the vault.

The Sierra Madre Casino

sierra madre blackjack table

Inside this fortress is a fantastic casino that provides games like roulette, baccarat, poker, and slot games. If you move further into the casino, you will notice that only four slot machines are still functional. You can see the blackjack tables are located in a separate room close to the basements. The highest bets allowed in the Sierra Madre casino are 120 chips for roulette, 30 chips for slot games, 25 chips for poker, and about 250 on the blackjack table.

Moving further to the basement, you will notice some roulette wheels which are activated automatically when you get close to them. Once you approach the wheels, a hologram dealer will appear to take your bets.

This blackjack game offers various bonuses to interested players who progress in each round. These bonuses include about 2,600 chips (plus a wine), 5,500 chips (plus a gift basket), and 7,500 chips. However, note that if a player amasses up to 10,000 chips, he will be permanently banned from gaining access to the casino. Also, there are rewards you are entitled to for each wheel you roll. The lowest reward at the roulette table is 600 chips while the highest is 5,000 chips. Till date, no player has managed to win the jackpot. Definitely, this is not the standard win table when it comes to blackjack. I had to reach out to the game reviewers at to check what they think about the matter. They said that they never came across these types of prizes for so long that they have been writing gambling articles on their homepage yet and somehow it reminds them of a similar encounter when they had played Fallout New Vegas many years ago.

The tale of the Sierra Madre has been explained, and the workings of the casino inside the fortress. There are similar incidents that you can inquire about to quench your curious mind.