Ghost Hunting | Lear to Capture Ghostly Activity and Evidence
By 28 May 2020

Ghost Hunting – Capture and Evidence Paranormal Activity Many people have claimed to have seen ghosts but very few of them are actually able to come up with any solid evidence or proof. Professional ghost hunters, called psychic researcher, are brought in to examine places that are thought to be haunted. Although the investigators may have lots of scientific equipment to study supernatural events, the process of investigation is far from an easy one.

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Mysteries of the UFO Phenomena
By 30 April 2020

Alien invasions, mysterious sightings, flying saucers. Are UFOs a myth or are we actually dealing with something that is very real? UFOs still puzzle people to this very day, even though there isn’t a lot of hard evidence on the subject. Some have argued extraterrestrial beings are visiting planet earth, whilst others are convinced that many governments have deliberately kept this up by creating a global conspiracy as a cover up.

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