Ghost Hunting | Lear to Capture Ghostly Activity and Evidence

By 28 May 2020

Ghost Hunting – Capture and Evidence Paranormal Activity

Many people have claimed to have seen ghosts but very few of them are actually able to come up with any solid evidence or proof. Professional ghost hunters, called psychic researcher, are brought in to examine places that are thought to be haunted.

Although the investigators may have lots of scientific equipment to study supernatural events, the process of investigation is far from an easy one.

Usually the investigators work with second-hand evidence and reports from witnesses. They must also try to discover whether the ghost is fake or whether it was caused by some natural event.

Ghost Hunting Equipment

Even though sensitive recording equipment is useful for detecting ghosts, it is more important to have reliable witnesses.

Even the most convincing evidence is suspect unless it is able to be backed up by two or more witnesses.

Here are some professional tricks and tips to help you in your investigations into the paranormal and ghostly activities you discover.

  1. Use a thermometer. The temperature of the air is side to drop when a ghost is around, so this will help to detect the atmospheric changes.
  2. Tape Measure. This will help you to check the position of things should objects in the room start to move, you can record positions when you enter a room and upon returning a few hours later to check results.
  3. Black Cotton. Tie cotton around the room to see if any ‘fake’ ghosts snag on it and snap it. lay it closely to the floor so it is undetected.
  4. Pen and pad. Always have a pen and paper ready to log your findings. Graph paper will also help to accurately draw out a plan of a room or house.
  5. Camera. Always have a camera to hand and with a bit of luck you might be able to capture an image of any odd apparitions that appear during your investigation.

Professional Ghost Hunting

A psychic researcher was once called in to investigate a house in Colorado back in 1973. Before the strange events took place, five men were sat in the kitchen playing a game of poker. Playing poker was a regular thing for these men to do on a Sunday, there was no accessible casino for them to play at, not like now where it is online. Their poker game finished and money collected from each player. Suddenly the lights when out, the radio then came on and started tuning into the static.

This was very odd because with the lights out and radio plugged in and playing, this meant it wasn’t an electrical fault. The owner called in the researcher to investigate the house.

The first step was to assess the wiring of the apartment. Voltage checks were done and contact with the energy company clarified that everything was normal, and no other recorded events happened that night in the area.

The investigator stayed the night, with the same radio, which was tuned back to the same station as before and took comfort in the kitchen where the activity began.

Equipped, the researcher brought with them a device that could measure temperature and humidity which would help to detect draughts and vibrations associated with ghosts.

Nothing happened that night despite the preparedness of the researcher. If there is a ghost, they certainly would have known what was happening and would not cooperate. This is the added problem of investigatory work like this.

Animal Investigators

Yes, some animals are known to be more aware of ghostly activity than people. Animals are curiously sensitive to strange atmospheric changes that happen inside of haunted places. For this reason, many investigators sometimes use animals that are trained to look for ghosts.