Sinister Happenings in Colorado

By 30 April 2020

There’s plenty of things to do when visiting Colorado. Venture to the Colorado Hot Springs, attend festivals, kayak and also plan ski-trips. But did you know that Colorado has its fair share of paranormal activities?

Thriller and Horror fans…this one’s for you. If you’re easily spooked, perhaps this is a good time to walk away.

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Paranormal Activity in Colorado

Over the last few years, a number of paranormal activities has been reported in Colorado. Paranormal investigators Colorado have recorded a number of incidents around the whole state. From ghost sightings, to strange happenings, it goes without saying that Colorado has a supernatural and sinister side to it.

Some of these eerie incidents remain unexplained to this day. Some companies are actually offering tours of haunted hotels, museums and casinos. Let’s take a closer look at some of these spooky spots. Beware! Enter at your own risk!

Spooky Spots to Visit

The Stanley Hotel

Have we got any fans of Stephen King’s, iconic film, The Shining? In case you didn’t know, King was inspired to create one of the greatest novels of all time in this very hotel in Estes Park. This one’s not for the faint-hearted. It is said that eerie laughter can often be heard from the hallways and music can be heard from the ballroom.

If you really want to get a taste of all things sinister, you can actually book a night tour to explore the hotel. The underground tunnel is also included. If you’re really up for it you can also book room 217 – the actual room where Stephen King had stayed in May the gods be ever in your favour!

Cheesman Park

Many paranormal activity investigators think that Cheesman Park has been haunted for more than a century by the residents of Mount Prospect Cemetery. The cemetery had opened back in 1858, but by 1890, Colorado’s capital turned the land into a park. During the process, a number of headstones were misplaced, and some bodies remained underground. We’ll leave it up to your imagination as to what to expect from all of this.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can also book a tour that goes from Henry Treat Rogers Mansion to Morey Middle School. Thread carefully! You might just feel the hair at the back of your neck stand up with fear.

Denver Botanical Gardens

Something wicked this way comes at the Denver Botanical Gardens. Whilst the flowers bloom at the Denver Botanical Gardens, something lurks in the shadows. This spot is actually linked to Cheesman Park. During the year 1890, trees, plants, gardens, flowers and greenhouse were planted and set up as part of the development of the park.

Since not everybody got back into their graves, a number of paranormal investigators Colorado believe that these souls still haunt the place. Whispers and hums are heard through the leaves and flowers. Even a number of security guards have reported a number of strange sightings. If you’re ever in Colorado for Halloween, you can also book a night tour. Who would have thought that plants can also have a sinister side to them!

Croke-Patterson Mansion

Throughout the years, there have been many reports of paranormal activity at the Croke-Patterson mansion. It all goes back to the opening in 1891, when Senator Thomas Macdonald Patterson was the original owner of the place. Whereas in the past it housed apartments and offices, nowadays it’s a hotel by the name of Patterson Inn.

Several paranormal investigators Colorado believe that they hear a baby’s cries from the basement, and it appears that a woman has also spotted the ghost of Kate Patterson. Spooky.

If you want to get a better insight into Croke-Patterson Mansion, we highly recommend you read a book by Ann Alexander and Jordan Leggett: A Haunted History of Denver’s Croke-Patterson Mansion. Whatever you do, don’t get scared. There’s no turning back once you get reading.

Central City Masonic Cemetery

Paranormal investigators Colorado have reported unexplained sightings of orbs around the Central city Cemetery. If you think these photos were bad enough, just wait till you here about the little boy who has been seen following locals and tourists. Whenever anyone spots him, he hides behind the trees. It is also said that a strange woman appears twice a year and floats around the grave of another resident, John Edward Cameron. Like the boy, she vanishes before you can say ghost!

Visitors are completely forbidden to enter the cemetery at night, however numerous tours are organised, especially during Halloween season. If you’re not easily spooked, this should definitely be on your Colorado bucked list.

Museum of Colorado Prisons

Just when you thought prisons aren’t bad enough, things just got a little spookier with this one. Built in 1935, the Museum of Colorado prison housed woman inmates. It was only used for a number of years, and soon enough, it was turned into a museum in 1988.

Nevertheless, it had its fair share of paranormal activity. From orbs, screams, coughing and tobacco floating through the air…anything imaginable really. Did we mention that most of this happens during the day? Night tours would definitely send chills down your spine.